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Youth Villages North Carolina staff highlights

February 22, 2010

In Wilmington, Youth Villages counselors found out a young pregnant girl’s family had no means to purchase maternity clothes.

The family and Heart Foxworth from the Youth Villages Wilmington office contacted the Salvation Army and other community resources.

Foxworth placed an Internet ad asking for help, explaining her role as a family therapist and giving some general details about the girl’s needs without identifying her. Thanks to a generous community, the young girl was able to get several large bags of clothes.

“I could see the relief her parents and she felt knowing she would be able to attend school with appropriate attire,” Foxworth said. “It was a great example of how many people in the community are more than willing to meet the needs of our families. All we have to do is ask.”

Matt Stockstill, transitional living specialist, partnered with the Body of Christ Church in Raleigh to collect suitcases for youth being served in the North Carolina New Day program.

Tara Ward, New Day clinical supervisor in Greensboro, received a donation of six highchairs for the New Day program. The highchairs will help youth who have children or who are pregnant.

Many of the youth in the New Day program who have children cannot afford supplies needed to care for their babies. With these highchairs, families will be able to have meals with their children sitting at the table.

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