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Employees, volunteers make a huge difference

May 25, 2010

Patrick W. Lawler, Youth Villages CEO

Everyone has a chance to make the most of their opportunities, facing each day with a goal to help others and leave something positive behind. Whether it is grand or a subtle, indirect approach, a special type of person makes an effort to do it each day.

Part of what makes Youth Villages special is that so many of our dedicated staff view each day that way. Their attitude makes us a special organization, one that is proactive in its efforts to help others. And it’s contagious – more want to help as word gets out. In fact, there is a story on this blog highlighting Youth Villages being named one of the 50 Best Nonprofits to Work For in 2010 by the NonProfit Times.

Employees were surveyed across the organization, answering questions about how well Youth Villages plans and takes care of employees. Do they enjoy working with their co-workers? Are there opportunities for advancement, and more.

It’s an honor to achieve this national accolade, and it speaks strongly to our mission and values – we’re committed to helping children and families.

Our volunteers, donors and fundraising events are also part of what makes Youth Villages great. Another post on this blog highlights Middle Tennessee volunteers who support our children during the holidays and another post shows how help with our Transitional Living program is empowering young people like Jasmine to successfully transition to adulthood.

Read about Angela, who is living with her mother now and thriving after going through our in-home services program.

Each day, we have the opportunity to help foster another successful life. Each day, we can take a small step to help another. In Middle Tennessee, our volunteers and employees’ small steps are helping thousands of children grow into successful young adults. And I thank you for the steps you take in helping us and helping children.

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