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Partnering to meet the needs of children in Mississippi

June 7, 2010

Katja Russell

Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock is a unique program developed by the Mississippi Division of Medicaid to assist families of troubled children and adolescents by providing community-based alternatives to residential treatment. The MYPAC program was created under a waiver that allows Medicaid to focus on keeping youth with serious emotional disturbances in their home communities with intensive individualized services that address all the child and family’s needs. Mississippi Medicaid has created a very innovative, effective program that has recently received recognition through Annie E. Casey’s KIDS COUNT Initiative.

Youth Villages is proud to continue a 15-year partnership with Mississippi as a MYPAC provider. Under MYPAC, children remain with their families while they receive myriad community services, either from Youth Villages directly or working with other community agencies to help ensure all the needs of children and their families are met.

Our MYPAC services include intensive case management services to ensure the child and family’s needs are provided through community linkages and other services, including intensive in-home support, psychiatric medication evaluation and necessary therapeutic services. Through our MYPAC program, we also have the ability to provide short-term community-based or residential respite to address the needs of each individual child. Under MYPAC, each child and family are part of the team that develops a service plan designed to meet the unique needs of the child or adolescent.

MYPAC allows us to serve more children who are in need of intensive mental health services to enable them to stay with their families. It allows us to overcome many of the barriers that children in rural Mississippi have had in terms of access to care. The unique component of MYPAC as compared to more traditional mental health services is the fact that our staff works with families in their homes or with the child in the school and community, wherever problems may be occurring. The wraparound and strength-based approach to finding unique services and solutions for each child and family has proven very successful.

Since MYPAC’s inception in November 2007, we have served more than 300 children and their families, reaching more than 160 families per day. In fact, our story about Rachel on the next page highlights our work through the MYPAC partnership.

Helping children be successful is something Youth Villages is committed to doing. Through MYPAC, we’re able to carry that a step farther.

We thank you for your support.

Katja Russell
Director of Programs in Mississippi and Texas

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