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Mentoring, fostering make a difference in East Tennessee

June 18, 2010

Amanda Tillman

Each day in East Tennessee, Youth Villages provides services to more than 450 children in many different ways. Counselors assist young people transitioning into adult life and responsibilities, and other counselors visit families in their homes to help create safe, loving environments where children can thrive.

In other blog posts, we highlight a family who benefited from our in-home services, as well as a young adult who is receiving support through our Transitional Living program.

Youth Villages also provides foster home placements and mentoring for young people. Read about the Loftons, a family fostering two teenagers, and Sara, a young girl being mentored by a Youth Villages counselor. Davina, Sara’s mentor, is a clinical supervisor in one of our offices. As a mentor, she has fostered a social and creative side to Sara that was previously hidden. Please read their stories and consider becoming a foster parent or mentor.

About 20 mentors are needed in East Tennessee. Youth Villages has a contract with the state to provide mentors for teenagers who are not in Youth Villages’ care. As a mentor, you also get an opportunity to be a positive role model for a young person. See what happens when you take an interest and give a few hours a month to help a young person.

The Loftons were foster parents for many years before relocating to East Tennessee. They even adopted three of their foster children, all of whom are in college. After seeing the need for foster parents in Tennessee, they decided to help once again. Mr. Lofton challenges us in the story to see what we’re made of and help, saying he received more in return.

We’re glad to share the stories of how we’ve helped children, but I also want you to know about our volunteers, people in our community delivering on a personal commitment to help children. Time, money, clothes, supplies or simply an interest — any help you give means more East Tennessee children will have similar stories to tell.

Thank you for your support of Youth Villages.

Amanda Tillman
Director of East Tennessee

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