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FedEx Career Prep Program prepares youth for future

July 29, 2010

FedEx managers work with students in the Youth Villages vocational program to learn job preparation skills.

The FedEx Career Prep Program recently concluded its 15th session. This partnership began in 2002, pairing FedEx HUB Services managers with students in the vocational program at Youth Villages to teach such job preparation skills as resume writing, filling out an application and interviewing. A recent five-week session matched 14 managers with 13 students and included a tour of the FedEx HUB and a commencement ceremony.

In addition to connecting Youth Villages students with role models in the community, it opens the possibility of future jobs. The program prepares young adults with the skills it takes to get a job and incorporates the value of a short-term mentoring relationship. Through the completion of the curriculum, the participants learn in a one-on-one relationship with a trained professional. Highlights of the program are good and bad interviews acted out by FedEx managers, a personal tour of the FedEx HUB, mock interviews and an encouraging send-off at graduation.

One student who discharged successfully from Youth Villages’ Poplar Group Home is now receiving in-home services with his family. He has stayed in contact with his FedEx mentor through e-mail and looks forward to applying for a job at FedEx when he turns 18.

Managers who participated in the spring 2010 FedEx Career Prep Program were Jeff Brown (coordinator), Arthur Taylor, Brian Biggers, Brian Dorsey, Carolyn Wainwright, Demetrius Holt, Derwin Ellis, Durrita Lewis, Jonathan Stone, Joe Irving, Kim Henderson, Kim Saddler, Tabatha Davis and Yul Smith. Curt Heaslet and Arlen Bonds were guest speakers at the commencement ceremony, and Pat Hathaway kept everything running behind the scenes.

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