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Reaching more children in need and measuring results

October 8, 2010

There’s something about children and young people being happy and thriving that never gets old. Each smiling face is a new experience of joy in knowing yet another has a future, a brighter outlook, and, most importantly, a chance to succeed.

Amanda Tillman

We highlight only a few of our successes in East Tennessee on this blog. Thanks to your help and the tireless efforts of our staff, many young people face a future full of potential, and many more are being helped.

Youth Villages recently was recognized by Casey Family Programs for our efforts in partnership with the state of Tennessee to help children return home to their families or find permanency through adoption. In fact, the Casey Family Study reported that since 2000, the number of children in state custody dropped from more than 10,000 to 6,700. The number of children in out-of-home placements and long-term foster care is below the national average.

Youth Villages is also part of a national study to test the transitional living program to provide evidence-based results on the program’s effectiveness. It may be the first study of its kind to evaluate how useful this service is to young people aging out of state custody.

This past year, Youth Villages in East Tennessee celebrated a record 12 adoptions and helped more than 1,300 children through our in-home, transitional living and foster care services.

One family highlighted in a post on this blog is on track to adopt two siblings they fostered for about two years. Their story is an inspiration, and one we can all take to heart when considering the future of our children. You can help in many different capacities, either by volunteering, donating, mentoring or becoming a foster parent.

To quote a parent, you just have to “put yourself out there.” Thank you for your support.

Amanda Tillman
Director of East Tennessee

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