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Moseline steps toward success

March 24, 2011

Moseline with TL Specialist Christie Lotti

No one expected Moseline to end up as anyone’s role model. From the age of 11, when she was removed from her mother’s home because of abuse and neglect, the Everett, Mass., girl struggled. She lived with an aunt for several years, but later ended up in foster care.

“I was just doing whatever I wanted,” Moseline said. “I didn’t follow any rules. I didn’t go to school. I might have ended up homeless.”

Instead, the young woman took center stage at a recent BNY Mellon event, as grants to help young people aging out of foster care in Massachusetts were announced. Moseline has been a participant in Youth Villages’ transitional living program for 14 months now. As part of its five-year, $6 million philanthropic focus on “powering potential,” the BNY Mellon grant to Youth Villages will support the program and allow it to help more young people.

Moseline was edging toward age 18 when state support was scheduled to end. She was running out of options when she found out about Youth Villages’ transitional living program. The program gave her hope for the future.

“My transitional living specialist asked me what my goals were, what I wanted to do with my life,” Moseline said. “She helped me see beyond my current situation.”

Youth Villages’ TL specialists have a single goal: to do whatever it takes to help young adults who are leaving foster care without family support learn to live successfully on their own and realize their life goals. When she joined the program, Moseline’s goals came sharply into focus – graduate high school, enroll in college, get a good job and live a comfortable life. Already, she has achieved several of her goals with the help of the transitional living program.

“I’ve graduated from high school and I am a full-time student at North Shore Community College,” Moseline told the group, sitting poised and confident in front of the microphone. “I have a job at a smoothie shop and am able to save some money. I just purchased a car and I’m about to move into my own apartment.”

When the moderator asked Moseline what else she would like to accomplish, she quickly answered.

“I’m working toward a degree in hospitality management,” she said. “I want to find a job where I can put my people skills to work.”

With the support of BNY Mellon and the Youth Villages transitional living program, Moseline is taking the right first steps toward a successful life.

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