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Growing in Georgia, helping more children

March 26, 2011

Emily Acker

Kate Cantrell

It’s a great time to be helping children in Georgia!

Youth Villages recently began offering a service in the state that has a demonstrated record of success in Tennessee. The transitional living program helps young people aging out of state custody transition successfully to independent adulthood.

Sometimes they need help getting an apartment, getting insurance or purchasing a car. Some need help with parenting, preparing for college or continuing education or finding employment. Young people who have been in state care often haven’t been taught many of these skills other young people take for granted.

Transitional living gives these youth a person to go to for help with these and other issues we all face with independent living. We have 24 young people in the program and it continues to grow. In addition, TL is being provided at no cost to the state – the program is financially supported through donations from individuals, organizations and Youth Villages employees.

One of our family intervention specialists, Angela White, is profiled on this blog. Her story is one we can all imagine happening, and it’s inspiring to see how she truly lives out her mission of helping families.

White also worked with Sharodney and his family. Sharodney learned to overcome his personal issues and is living successfully at home. Sharodney’s mother also learned what it takes sometimes to be a family, and they are closer than ever before.

Anne Shaw, director of 21st Century Schools, recently toured our Inner Harbour residential campus and recorded her thoughts of the visit. Read her column and how youth at Inner Harbour are learning through experience and service.

Thank you for supporting Youth Villages.

Emily Acker
Director, Inner Harbour Campus

Kate Cantrell
Director of Programs, Georgia and Alabama

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