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Sharodney likes being at home

March 26, 2011

Family Intervention Specialist Angela White, left, visits with Sharodney and his mother, Shiray.

Sharodney’s a typical teenager.

He enjoys spending time with friends, participating in school activities and keeping his Facebook page current. He also struggles with the same issues many teens have – self-confidence and self-esteem.

In Sharodney’s case, his issues became more serious.

“I love my mom,” Sharodney said. “Youth Villages helped us a lot.”

“I was very disrespectful to my mom and we didn’t get along,” he said. “I didn’t want to be at home. I didn’t like myself and I didn’t have any self-esteem.”

Sharodney was referred to a residential center for runaway and self-harming behaviors. He threw temper tantrums and didn’t know how to cope effectively with frustration. His residential stay went well, and after returning home, Sharodney and his family received Youth Villages’ Intercept intensive in-home services.

Family Intervention Specialist Angela White was their counselor. She worked individually with Sharodney and also with Shiray, his mother.

“Shiray didn’t feel empowered to help,” Angela said. “She needed tools to manage those difficult times.”

Intercept family intervention specialists provide family services, meeting with youth and their family at least three times each week and remaining on call around the clock. Services are customized to each family to meet individual needs best.

“Angela helped me out tremendously,” Shiray said. “I could call her at any time, day or night, and she would help me out. She was awesome.”

Angela helped Sharodney understand his behavior and what caused it. She worked with the family to establish rewards and consequences, and, most importantly, she worked to foster those innate bonds a mother and son have. Sharodney, who initially planned to quit school and enter a GED program, is back at school. He’s participating in school activities and has plans for a positive future.

“I love my mom,” Sharodney said. “Youth Villages helped us a lot.”

Angela insists the family did the work on their own, she simply pointed out those times when events could turn one way or the other and showed them how to turn it into a positive.

“They don’t have to work at it now,” Angela said. “Mom is empowered in the home. They’re a family, and it’s natural now. Sharodney’s gone from A to Z with his behavior and they are successful.”

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