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What others say about Youth Villages…Lori Casey, Lowell Community Service Agency

April 4, 2011

In my opinion, from my past role as program director for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children Lead Agency in Haverhill, Youth Villages was the most intensive service that the Department of Children and Families had to offer out of their support and stabilization service menu.

I found that Youth Villages works best with a family that has multiple issues and whose baseline presentation is one of crisis or chaos. The Intercept program is able to provide the intense services that this type of family needs in order to stabilize and prioritize their problems. Additionally, the transitional living program, although still fairly new in Massachusetts, has been successful in assisting youth aging out of foster care in maintaining their own apartments and enrolling in higher educational programs.

The Intercept family intervention specialists and transitional living specialists are always willing to do whatever it takes to meet the goals of treatment for the youth with whom they work. In my experience with Youth Villages, I never found there to be a task too big or too small that the specialists were not willing to conquer. I believe the intensity of the service and the dedication of the staff have enabled many youth to be successful in remaining at home and not having to go into residential or group home care.

Lori Casey
Senior Intensive Care Coordinator
Lowell Community Service Agency

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