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Following through to help ensure success in East Tennessee

April 8, 2011

Children, at some point, are left alone to experience success or failure in their endeavors. As adults, we have all felt the joy of being successful, and the reflection and regrouping and doubt that inevitably occur following failure.

Amanda Tillman

But as adults, we are more equipped to cope with both.

Children in many cases are not. Many youth entering adulthood need the independence to pursue their interests and achieve their goals, but they also need the support of someone to let them know it’s OK to fail, to try again, to try doing it another way.

Youth Villages’ transitional living program is a great example of that support. As teens age out of foster care, they seek the privileges of adulthood. But there are also responsibilities, and many of these youth aren’t aware of their needs as adults: getting an apartment, enrolling in college, getting insurance and utilities turned on — getting a job. Transitional living specialists are that support for youth trying to make it on their own. As a complement, in East Tennessee Youth Villages also has an educational/vocational coordinator who works with youth on furthering their education and their careers.

EVC Abbie Currence works with area companies to locate potential employment sources for youth. She helps young people access such community resources as adult high schools, certificate programs, vocational programs, tutoring, job skills, internships, volunteer opportunities and other vocational programs. Young people in our TL program have a source for immediate resources and support in their TL specialist, and they also have a source for long-term support through the educational/vocational coordinator.

Your help and support mean these youth have a chance for long-term success. Thank you.

Amanda Tillman
Director of East Tennessee

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  1. Danny Bellamy, COO HSCSN permalink
    April 19, 2011 7:43 am

    I would love to see some outcomes data regarding your efforts around intensive in home services along with some data on recitivisim rates pertaining to residential treatment. We have recently signed a contract with your organization and the data analysis will a key part of determining success.

    • April 20, 2011 10:13 am

      Mr. Bellamy, we’ll put you in touch with our research department. We’ll send you the contact information through email.

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