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North Carolina certifies Youth Villages as high-quality provider

April 20, 2011

In 2010, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services implemented the most significant change to the state’s mental health structure since major reform legislation in 2001.

To direct more services to high-quality agencies, DHHS approved a definition and description of a new category of provider agency, the Critical Access Behavioral Health Agency.

In December, Youth Villages received its DHHS CABHA endorsement.

Watch North Carolina DHHS Secretary Lanier M. Cansler announce the rollout of the CABHA category and elaborate on what it means to mental health care in the state:

The 2001 legislation resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of mental health providers in the state. Because of this increase, DHHS began implementing rules to move patients into high-quality services delivered by approved providers that could offer a continuum of care. As of Jan. 1, 2011, only providers that are endorsed as CABHAs in North Carolina can deliver a range of specified services. These services include intensive in-home, community support services and day treatment.

During the past five years, Youth Villages has primarily offered Multisystemic Therapy in North Carolina, a program focused on youth with the most severe behavioral problems. To expand the number of youths it could serve, Youth Villages also received DHHS certification for its Intercept intensive in-home program. The certification for this service was vital for Youth Villages to offer the range of services required to become a CABHA.

With its certification to provide Intercept and the DHHS CABHA endorsement, Youth Villages is positioned to help many more children and families in North Carolina. In addition, Youth Villages will continue to urge DHHS and state legislators to adopt policies that encourage not just consolidation of services, but positive outcomes for youth and families.

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