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More ways to help children and families in Middle Tennessee

May 2, 2011

Youth Villages Board Chairman Mike Bruns (left) and CEO Pat Lawler (right)

At Youth Villages, we constantly seek ways to reach more children and families to help them live successfully. Our values are exhibited daily through the efforts of our staff and volunteers who work tirelessly, doing whatever it takes to create stable, supportive homes for children.

Examples of this are featured on this blog, including volunteer and donor-supported events like Holiday Heroes, where community members and organizations take time and money to purchase Christmas gifts for youth in our programs.

But we also have begun a new effort in Middle Tennessee to help youth.

Read about Garrett McDill, who works to find family members for young people who have been in foster care or group homes for an extended period of time. For these young people, she finds family those youth didn’t know they could count on. Her first success in this role found an aunt willing to adopt her niece who had been in foster care and group homes for five years.

Also read about the national trial Youth Villages is participating in for our transitional living program.

Through this trial, we seek to identify more effective and efficient ways to help young people aging out of the foster care system and ease their successful transition to independent adult living. Our TL program has experienced rapid growth during the past several months. We help more than 300 young people in Tennessee and our new program in Alabama helps six youth.

There are many ways in which you can change the life of a child in Middle Tennessee. Some of those ways are highlighted in this blog, but there are many, many more. Thank you for all you do to help our children and families live successfully.

Pat Lawler
Youth Villages CEO

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