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Addressing a growing need to help families in Mississippi

June 15, 2011

During the past few years, Youth Villages has experienced significant growth in Mississippi. That means we’ve been able to help more children and families live successfully.

Katja Russell

In fact, since 2001, Youth Villages Mississippi has helped more than 1,550 youth through our intensive in-home services programs, including Intercept, Family Preservation and MYPAC, more than 500 through our Tupelo and Jackson offices alone.

Our staff go above and beyond to help ensure each child and family has the best opportunity to live successfully. You can get a good idea of how it works by reading about Joy Whitmore, one of our Jackson therapists whose past experiences shaped her future of making a difference for families.

Also read about Mersediez and her mother’s work to overcome behavior issues and establish the relationship they both always wanted.

You can also read about Jason, one of more than 750 children who received help through residential services at Youth Villages. He and his family are now receiving MYPAC services. He ran the Youth Villages 5K in Memphis this year with his mother to raise money for Youth Villages programs. In Jason’s words, he did it because Youth Villages helped him be successful, and he wanted to give back and help other children become successful.

Through our many partnerships with state organizations and other groups, Youth Villages is having a tremendously positive impact on children and families in Mississippi. We’re excited to have the commitment and support of our Mississippi Leadership Council, which recently held its first meeting. We’re continuing our efforts to expand the council and look forward to the support of our community leaders to continue our work to help the children of Mississippi.

More than 70 percent of youth discharged from our programs are at home with their families, and more than 90 percent are in school, have graduated from high school or are in GED classes.

We couldn’t do this without our partners’ and communities’ support.

So I thank you sincerely.

Katja Russell
Director of Programs in Mississippi and Texas

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