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Vote for Youth Villages in Starbucks’ Vote. Give. Grow. Program during April

April 3, 2012

Watch this video to learn how you can help Youth Villages get a donation of up to $145,000 from Starbucks in April.

Youth Villages has been invited to participate in the Starbucks Community Card: Vote.Give.Grow. program in recognition of our effectiveness in helping families live successfully.

Based on the number of votes we receive, Starbucks will donate up to $145,000 to our programs!

Our reputation got us this far, now we need your help.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  1. If you already have a Starbucks account with a registered card, skip to Step 4.
  2. Get a Starbucks card. Any type of Starbucks card will work. Use a gift card you’ve received or pick up a card at a Starbucks or other stores where gift cards are sold.
  3. Go to, create a free account and register your card.
  4. Go to and sign in using your account information.
  5. Vote for Youth Villages and share that vote on Facebook and Twitter!



Does this cost anything?

If you already have a registered card, then participating in this contest should not cost you any additional money. If you do pick up a card at a retail location or purchase a code online, you will have to load a minimum of $5 on the card in order to register it.

Is a “Community Card” different from a “Gift Card”?

Any activated Starbucks card will do. You make it a Community Card by signing in at

I don’t see Youth Villages as a voting choice!

If you live in Arkansas, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon or Tennessee, Youth Villages will be one of four voting choices displayed automatically. If you live in another state, use the search box to find Youth Villages in another state and vote there.

I don’t live in Arkansas, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon or Tennessee. What state should I vote for?

Feel free to vote for us any of those five states. You will need to click the “Change region” link to do so. You’ll also need to provide a ZIP code. Here are the ZIP codes to vote in a state other than your own: Arkansas (72401), North Carolina (28217), New Hampshire (03104), Oregon (97034) and Tennessee (38133).

Why are we a choice in only those five states?

Starbucks started out with 1,700 nominated non-profits. Based on input from their employees in each state, the number was narrowed down to 350 and 124 were chosen as finalists. Youth Villages finished as finalists in those five states.

How many times can I vote?

You’ll be able to vote once each week during April.

How does Youth Villages get the full amount of $145,000?

The voting is based on states and each of the four selected non-profits in that state will win a share of the total prize based on its share of votes in that state. We were selected to compete in five states: Arkansas, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon and Tennessee. First-place finishes in all five would equal a $145,000 donation. Obviously, that’s our goal but it’s not a winner-take-all situation. Each vote really counts so let’s strive to do the best we can in each state.

I lost my Starbucks password.

This program belongs to Starbucks. If you’ve lost your Starbucks information, you’ll need to work through that site’s password retrieval system.

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