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Bryan’s anger replaced with self-confidence

April 5, 2012

Bryan, 12
Intercept in-home services

Bryan’s biological father died when he was a baby. Growing up not knowing his father took its toll, and Bryan began to act out physically and verbally. Eventually, he shoved his teacher and said he was going to kill himself. He was suspended from school.

Through intensive in-home services, Bryan learned to deal with others without being aggressive. With the support of his family, Bryan isn’t so angry any more and can control his impulses. He’s doing well in school now.

“I play the drums now for two churches, and I’d like to go to regular school so I can be in the band.” – Bryan

“Bryan makes better decisions now and communicates with me. I’m proud of him for how far he’s come, and today, he has an opportunity to be successful in whatever life brings his way.” – Kizzy, Bryan’s mom

“Bryan’s behavior has changed tremendously. When we first went into the home, Bryan was so angry, and he had been expelled from school. He had been in several hospitals and was at risk of having to leave home for help. However, Bryan learned to recognize the things that triggered his angry outbursts. He learned ways to calm down. It was a long process, and we had several setbacks, but finally the family and community pulled together to encourage Bryan. Bryan said, ‘I had so many people in my corner pulling for me to change, I just needed confidence in myself.’ He’s meeting the goals he set for himself at school.” – Shemika Hullom, Youth Villages clinical supervisor

Bryan is one of several children featured in the Youth Villages 2011 Program Report. Learn how Youth Villages helps children like Bryan and thousands of children like him every year with intensive in-home treatment.

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