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Tiffany is determined to reach her goals

April 20, 2012


Tiffany, 18
Intercept in-home services
Transitional living

Tiffany is determined to reach her goals. But a stressful home life was making things difficult. Tiffany and her mother, Florence, agreed – there was a lot of arguing and fighting.

Youth Villages Family Intervention Specialist Casey Wood worked with the family on communication and being supportive of one another’s efforts. She helped Tiffany cope better with anger and frustration.

Now graduated from high school, Tiffany is participating in Youth Villages’ transitional living program, receiving further support while attending college.

“I wasn’t for it at first – I didn’t want someone in my business. But after a while, I recognized what she was telling me to do was working.” – Tiffany

Tiffany is one of several young people featured in the Youth Villages 2011 Program Report. Learn how Youth Villages helps youth like Tiffany and thousands of others like her every year with intensive in-home treatment and transitional living services.

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