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Stacking the deck in favor of children

May 3, 2012

Amanda Tillman

Many times in our business I’m reminded of how tenuous stability can be. It mirrors many aspects of our lives, where success or failure is dependent upon events and things that may, or may not, go our way.

When you’re an adult, you stack the odds in your favor to prepare for unfortunate consequences. For example, if you drive an older car, you may keep a jacket, booster cables and other comfort items in the trunk in case it breaks down. You keep a list of wrecker services programmed in your phone.

You’ve called friends and others to let them know you may need to rely on them in the near future.

It’s common sense to be prepared. But it also takes practice.

Young people highlighted in this blog show how preparation led to their success, but it could have turned out differently. Amber and Zoey are exceptional young people placed in situations that required them to be prepared, but they weren’t. They didn’t know how, and they hadn’t practiced.

Becoming part of our transitional living program gave them the practice they needed, and they’re both thriving.

DeeDee, Ethan and Levi are with exceptional foster parents who felt called to make their foster situation permanent through adoption. DeeDee and Ethan had come from foster homes where they didn’t feel safe – they were defiant and had their guard up all the time. Now, DeeDee calls Rosa “Mom.” In Ethan’s case, his younger brother also joined the family.

At Youth Villages, we work to help children and families prepare for whatever happens. When someone needs help, they have people to call. Your support through donations and volunteering adds yet another layer of help and stability for children and families in our programs. They have the means to prepare for life. And with each layer, success becomes closer and closer to a sure thing.

Thank you for all you do to support Youth Villages.

Amanda Tillman
Director of East Tennessee

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