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Study to evaluate the Youth Villages Transitional Living program

May 10, 2012
MDRC policy brief

MDRC policy brief previews a study to evaluate the Youth Villages Transitional Living program

MDRC previews a study being conducted on the Youth Villages Transitional Living program:

The [Transitional Living] program, perhaps one of the most promising models to serve these youth now operating at scale, provides intensive case management, support, and cognitive-behavioral therapy services to young people who are making the transition from state custody to independent adult living. The evaluation will examine the difference that the Transitional Living program makes for this population — or its impacts on a range of outcomes, including education, employment, mental health, and financial security. It is intended to provide reliable evidence to inform the design of policies and programs for these populations at the federal, state, and local levels.

MDRC, a nonprofit, nonpartisan education and social policy research organization, is conducting the evaluation, along with Mark Courtney from the University of Chicago. The study is funded by the Edna McConnell Clark foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation. Tennessee’s Department of Children’s Services is also a partner in the evaluation.

Read MDRC’s overview or the full policy brief on their website.

The study is also profiled in GOVERNING magazine: Helping Foster Kids Transition to Adulthood:

In a world where resources for human services will continue to be squeezed, and in which it is arguably becoming tougher and tougher for young adults to make their way, such a long-overdue study should go a long way toward helping human services professionals identify the most effective ways to help move troubled and dislocated youth into permanency.

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