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Tierra reunited with her mom

May 17, 2012


Tierra, 15

Tierra couldn’t wait to go home on the weekends.

Youth Villages’ Family Intervention Specialist Andrea Becker helped Tierra’s mother, Yolanda, create a home where both mom and daughter could thrive.

Tierra was getting rides from Youth Villages counselors from her group home to her mother’s house.

Yolanda worked on structure and discipline in the home and following through with rewards and consequences for behavior.

Most importantly, Yolanda and Tierra worked on communication.

Now Tierra’s not visiting on weekends – she’s home.

“My behavior has changed a lot ever since I entered Youth Villages. In the past, I used to be really unsocial and keep to myself. I didn’t talk to my mom, really didn’t want to go places. Now, I talk to my mom more, go places, and I don’t keep to myself anymore and I’m very social. My attitude changed. At first, I was like, ‘Youth Villages is so stupid,’ but now, I see I really did need it. I look back and think, ‘Why was I like that?’” – Tierra

“The home visits were so important–we took turns driving Tierra to see her mother on our own time. Without them, reunification with her mother would have been much more difficult. As a result, the family has learned to express their love for each other and spend positive time together. Her mother walks Tierra to school each day, so they use that time to talk and continue to build their relationship.” – Andrea Becker, Youth Villages family intervention specialist

“Everything is good. We get our nails and toes done together, go shopping and go to my sister’s or friends’ houses. We’re just closer now. In the morning, it’s the best time to talk for us. We walk to school together, and we talk.” – Yolanda, Tierra’s mom

Tierra is one of several children featured in the Youth Villages 2011 Program Report. Learn how Youth Villages helps children like Tierra and thousands of children like her every year with intensive in-home treatment.

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