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Michael works hard to succeed

May 22, 2012

Michael, 14

Michael would run away from home when things got challenging. At home and at school, he was physically and verbally aggressive.

But Michael said he wasn’t really being himself. He went to Youth Villages’ Inner Harbour residential campus, and from there, Michael really changed.

Sandra Heard, his Youth Villages family intervention specialist, gives the credit to Michael for changing his behavior. He talked with Sandra about everything, and Michael’s father said he sees a big difference.

Michael’s working hard to be successful at school. He’s taking drama classes and plans to try out for baseball.

“My behavior has changed for the better. I’m not as angry as before. I’ve stopped talking back at school, and I participate more.” – Michael

“Now, we do a lot together. It makes my day every day when I come home and open the door and he’s home. As soon as I see him, it makes me feel so good to see that he has grown up so much.” – Brenda, Michael’s stepmother

“His attitude is more positive. Michael’s now able to speak about specific goals for his future and how he can achieve them. He’s also able to make better decisions and think about the pros and cons of things he wants to do. Michael doesn’t associate or hang out with his old peer group and now has a new peer group that is more positive.” – Sandra Heard, Youth Villages family intervention specialist

Michael is one of several children featured in the Youth Villages 2011 Program Report. Learn how Youth Villages helps children like Michael and thousands of children like him every year with residential and intensive in-home treatment.

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