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Terrence and Keokia get their family back

May 24, 2012

Terrence, 13, and Keokia, 11

Brothers Terrence and Keokia spent a few years in foster care. Tracy, their mother, was fighting a losing battle with addiction. She lost everything, including her boys. Keokia had difficulty at school.

But Tracy turned it around. She put in her time toward recovery and began to focus on getting her boys back. Through Youth Villages’ in-home services, the family learned how to communicate and be more consistent with one another.

They eat dinner together and talk more. They say “I love you.” Tracy said she used to never say it to her children. Now, she makes sure she always does.

“The best thing about being back with mom is being back with my family and having freedom.” – Keokia

“Being back with my mom means the world to me. We’re very close, and nothing will break our bond.” – Terrence

“When my kids were taken from my house, it was as if the air had been taken away. My heart was so heavy. But now they’re back, and I take each day one step at a time. I have learned to focus mostly on us.” – Tracy, mom

“The family had a lot of financial and family stress. Most importantly, the family needed structure and consistency. Now Tracy has the tools to cope with her stress and be there for her boys.” – Shawra Ricks, family intervention specialist

Terrence and Keokia are two of the children featured in the Youth Villages 2011 Program Report. Learn how Youth Villages helps children like Terrence and Keokia, and thousands of children like them, every year with intensive in-home treatment.

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