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Taylor finds support at home with family

June 5, 2012

Taylor, 12

Taylor’s older sister, Samantha, learned to cook and take care of the family when she was 5 years old.

As a big sister to Taylor and two other siblings, she was doing everything, including correcting them when they called her mommy. And while their real mother worked three jobs, Samantha kept the home.

When their mother passed away unexpectedly, the crisis split up the children. Taylor began to perform poorly at school. She harmed herself.

Youth Villages Family Intervention Specialist Rosalinda Wilson worked with Samantha on creating a home. Now, the family’s coming back together. It’s not without challenges, but they are growing together.

“Our family is better at understanding each other’s needs and problems, and we all need to help and support each other.” – Taylor

“Our family has gained helpful knowledge regarding the care, expectations and safety of children. Youth Villages has also helped us with personal issues such as transportation, Internet use and assistance from other programs. Our goals are to become more open and honest, complete our education, maintain a working vehicle and further our careers for a more successful family.” Samantha, sister and caretaker

“Samantha is the most mature and responsible 18-year old I’ve ever met. She and her fiancé are not only caring for their own daughter, 1, but Samantha’s two siblings. They have rallied together to be a support system for one another. Since Samantha’s sister Taylor has been placed with her, she is enjoying school more. She appears happy now that she’s with Samantha.” Rosalinda Wilson, Youth Villages family intervention specialist

Taylor is one of several children featured in the Youth Villages 2011 Program Report. Learn how Youth Villages helps children like Taylor and thousands of children like her every year with intensive in-home treatment.

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