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Desmond adopted by his forever family

June 13, 2012


Desmond, 10

Mary and Andrew have been foster parents to nearly 30 children during the course of nearly 30 years.

Desmond was their last foster child. He told Mary one day that he wanted a dad and a home, and for Mary and Andrew, Desmond closes part of a chapter in a lifetime spent providing a safe home for children.

As foster parents, they believe being committed to the children is what is most important. With Desmond, that commitment took another step in September when they finalized his adoption.

“I want to go to college with my family’s help.” – Desmond

“Our goal for Desmond is to finish high school and college and work in whatever field he chooses.” – Mary, Desmond’s mom

“Since being in a stable foster home, Desmond’s finally learning how to accept the love, attention and support that the foster parents are giving him. Desmond finally got the permanency that he has been searching for. Now that the adoption is final, he feels more at peace and does not have the fear of being moved from the home.” – Jaqueline Randle, Youth Villages counselor

Desmond is one of several children featured in the Youth Villages 2011 Program Report. Learn how Youth Villages helps children like Desmond and hundreds of others like him every year through our foster care and adoption programs.

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