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Robert’s making the most of college

September 26, 2012

Robert went back home to his foster family for the summer.

We first featured Robert and his family in a September 2011 blog post. Read it here.

About a year following the death of Larry Plaisance, the family continues to move forward and help teenagers. In fact, the family welcomed an additional youth.

Robert did well during his first year of college. He’s in the YV Scholars program, where Youth Villages pays his tuition and college costs provided he maintains certain academic and community service standards. He was also the first-ever freshman editor of his school newspaper. He even took a few upper-level courses.

The family is known for fostering young people who are tough to place. In fact, Devan, the family’s biological son, said his mother and father took the children no one else wanted. After Larry’s death last year, Devan returned home to help his mother, Nancy. And the youth in the home took to Devan, who runs a martial arts school in the area and is a mixed martial arts fighter and teacher.

Devan is also studying to become a firefighter. In addition to Nancy’s regular job, she’s also taken up making jewelry in her spare time. There’s quite a bit happening at the home and with the children. One of the children trains regularly with Devan and plans to compete soon. Another was recently awarded all-district honors in wrestling at his school.

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