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Youth Villages’ youth take to the national stage

May 30, 2014


As national Foster Care Awareness Month comes to a close, we’re excited to highlight a few participants in our transitional living program for former foster youth (ages 18-23) who are taking part in some high-profile activities May 29.

Watch Darrah (left) and Sixto (center) talk with Katie Couric. (Video)

Darrah, a recent graduate of the University of Memphis, and Sixto, a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University, talk with Katie Couric on today’s “Katie” show about how, with the right support, former foster youth can become successful, independent adults. Find times for the syndicated show in your area here.

As only 3% of former foster youth complete a four-year degree, both of these young adults are incredible examples of this success. With a degree in social anthropology and minors in African and African American Studies, Darrah is in Washington, D.C., beginning an internship on Capitol Hill. Sixto is already a national advocate for foster youth and he’s keynoting a national conference this week.


Another example of a young person now succeeding, Ryan (left) is studying criminal justice at the Daymar Institute in Clarksville, Tenn., and today he will be in Washington shadowing representatives on Capitol Hill and visiting with officials at the White House.

Our Lost at 18 campaign was launched in March to raise awareness and funds for young people like Darrah, Sixto and Ryan. We urge you to watch the videos there and learn how this vulnerable population can overcome the overwhelming hurdles they face.

To celebrate their accomplishments, we are asking you to join us and offer a hand up to one more young person in need. With your help today, we will reach our goal of $10,000 with the #Give18 initiative.

Whether you give $18, $180 or $1,800, you will be joining a team fully committed to radically improving outcomes and transforming the broken systems that are failing our youth.

Please help me meet our goal and be sure to share our message on social networks using the #Give18 hashtag and URL.

Your gift today will allow the next Darrah, Sixto or Ryan to realize their potential!

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