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Adoptive family replaces chaos with consistent, reassuring love

November 19, 2014
Greg, third from right, is surrounded by his adoptive parents, Delorse and Sherman, as well as DCS and Youth Villages staff

Greg, third from right, is surrounded by his adoptive parents, Delorse and Sherman, as well as DCS and Youth Villages staff

Sherman and Delorse have been fostering children for 25 years. They raised seven children before they decided to invite an eighth into their home last April.

Prior to Greg joining Sherman and Delorse’s family, his life had been chaos. He had a long journey through state custody, unable to settle in a home for years. He experienced three episodes of custody, two failed trial home visits with his biological mother, two years of residential treatment, frequent psychiatric hospitalizations and numerous foster care placements.

Greg had no sense of permanency until Sherman and Delorse entered his life. Their consistent and reassuring love has made all the difference for Greg.

“They have offered a perfect balance of a nurturing yet structured environment that Greg desperately needed to heal from his chaotic past,” said Elena, Greg’s Youth Villages adoption specialist.

Sherman and Delorse have invested in Greg and the results have been remarkable.

“I’ve witnessed many moments between the family and Greg that have made me absolutely confident that this is a perfect fit,” said Greg’s Youth Villages counselor.

To learn more about adoption through Youth Villages in Tennessee, visit our website at For information about adopting through foster care no matter where you live, visit

Greg’s adoption was a joyful event attended by the Department of Children’s Services staff, Youth Villages staff and others who know Greg well enough to realize the significance of his adoption. The event was celebrated with pizza and cake while those who worked with Greg through the years shared in his happy ending.

“I feel very fortunate,” Elena said, “to have a small part in this massive effort that was put forth by so many workers throughout the years to ensure the safety and well being of this special boy.”

Greg has been served by Youth Villages Specialized Crisis Services, Intercept intensive in-home treatment, therapeutic foster care and adoption programs. Youth Villages’ staff served as constant support for Greg and his adoptive parents. This process was also supported by DCS and Harmony Adoption.

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