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It’s official: Noah is part of the family

January 5, 2015

NoahLeon and Dawn have been fostering children for more than a decade. They have even become adoptive parents to some of these children.

Noah was just 6 weeks old when he entered Leon and Dawn’s household. As a result of previous abuse and neglect, Noah had seizures and a shunt to drain fluid from his brain. He required constant attention. Leon and Dawn cared for him as if he was their own.

“We fell in love with Noah from day one,” Dawn said. Noah is 2 years old now and no longer requires medication. His seizures have stopped and he does not need a shunt. He is healthy and happy.

“They are a very loving family,” said Jenna, Youth Villages adoption specialist. “They have always had Noah’s best interests as their utmost priority.”

With the help of Youth Villages and Tennessee Department of Children’s Services staff, Noah’s adoption was finalized. He has officially been welcomed into Leon and Dawn’s family as their seventh child.

“He calls Leon ‘Poppy,’” Dawn said. “When Leon was on the stand during the adoption hearing, Noah walked up and sat on his lap, as if that was where he was supposed to be.”

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