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Long, difficult journey ends in the comfort of a safe place for Marcquis

February 4, 2015

Johnny, Marcquis and Bobbie

Johnny, Marcquis and Bobbie

Both Marcquis and his adoptive parents could not wait for his adoption to be finalized.

Bobbie and Johnny had been Marcquis’ foster parents from the time he entered state custody until he started a trial home visit with his biological mother two years later.

Marcquis’ journey through custody was challenging. He expressed his negative feelings with problematic behavior, which worsened when his trial home visit with his mother failed.

Marcquis expected to return to the comfort of Bobbie and Johnny’s home, but his sense of belonging was upended again. He was placed in another home until he could be welcomed back by Bobbie and Johnny. Even then, complications of his past still lingered.

The termination of his parents’ rights was a long and difficult process, but during the process, Bobbie and Johnny’s home was Marcquis’ safe place.

As soon as the complications cleared, the adoption took place. The finalization was a joyful celebration, attended by his adoptive parents, three new siblings, the Youth Villages team and the Department of Children’s Services team. When the judge asked both Marcquis and his new parents if they wanted the adoption to take place, there was no hesitation. They were eager for it to happen as soon as possible.

Having a permanent home has given Marcquis a sense of relief. Now that he can experience the consistency of a forever home, his behavioral issues continue to improve.

“Now, Marcquis can relax,” said Elena Tanase, Youth Villages adoption specialist. “He is officially Bobbie and Johnny’s son and will not have to worry about being moved again.”

The judge gave Marcquis a University of Tennessee mascot doll and Youth Villages gave him an MP3 player with a large cupcake on the side.

“He was a happy boy,” Elena said. “We were all happy to see his difficult journey through custody end in such a great way.”

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