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For the first time, Dallas knows his parents are here to stay

April 28, 2015
Steve, Dallas and Will

Steve, Dallas and Will

Although Dallas was adopted when he was 3 years old, he did not find permanency until after he turned 14.

After successfully completing a program at the Youth Villages Dogwood Campus, Dallas returned to his first adoptive home. However, he was readmitted to Dogwood shortly after due to his adoptive parents’ marital issues.

About a year later, Dallas found a new foster home in which he was doing very well. To Dallas’ disappointment, the foster parents decided against adoption.

Juggled between homes throughout his childhood, Dallas needed consistent support. In 2013, the Youth Villages Johnson City foster care team rallied around Dallas and facilitated the beginning of his happy, healthy and lasting relationship with Will and Steve.

“When he first entered their home, Dallas struggled with trusting others,” said Tara Shepherd, Youth Villages foster care counselor. “He struggled with communicating his feelings and his needs.”

However, it didn’t take long for Dallas to recognize Will and Steve’s commitment to him. Dallas quickly gained a strong support system of friends and extended family.

“Will and Steve provided Dallas with the stability and support he needed to trust that he finally found his forever home,” Tara said.

When the decision was made to finalize his adoption, Dallas was surrounded by his new family and Youth Villages foster care team. They all celebrated with pizza and his favorite cherry cheesecake. Dallas was overwhelmed and grateful for all of the support shown to him.

“Dallas is thriving in Will and Steve’s home because of their nurturing guidance,” said Suzanne Jones, Youth Villages adoption specialist.

Thanks to Will, Steve and the Youth Villages team, Dallas is receiving what he needs to be successful. He can finally experience the stability and security of a forever family.

“From the first moment Dallas stepped into their home, they accepted him for the person he is,” Tara said. “They showered him with unconditional love and patience. Dallas is a wonderful kid and I know Will and Steve feel so lucky to be a part of his life forever.”

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