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YVLifeSet youth consult with US Department of Labor

July 22, 2015

mynextmoveA group of Youth Villages’ YVLifeSet participants recently volunteered their time with the United States Department of Labor to help provide feedback on the department’s newly developed web-based career tool for foster youth and those aging out.

Youth Villages was one of six organizations that participated in a U.S. Department of Labor listening group, a type of focus group, during which youth were introduced to the department’s web-based career tool and asked to provide suggestions about how the tools can be tailored to help address the unique needs and challenges of foster youth.

The web-based tools are designed to help current and former foster youth begin thinking about a first job as well as identify career interests and potential career options, along with providing career counseling, developing career plans and connecting youth to educational or vocational programs as well as jobs.

“It is especially challenging for foster youth and former foster youth to establish a solid career because they often lack consistent adult support, along with crucial financial resources,” said Mary Lee, national coordinator of the Youth Villages YVLifeSet program.

In addition to Youth Villages, organizations participating in the listening sessions included: D.C. Child and Family Services Agency, FEGS, Juvenile Law Center, The Urban Alliance and Youth Leadership Advisory Team.

“We had 17 youth participate,” Lee said. “They enjoyed seeing the tool, learning about it and helping shape it so it can make a difference for the thousands of young people just like them who are in or aging out of care every year.”

To access the Department of Labor’s new career website for foster youth, visit

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