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Ashley works to overcome trauma

November 6, 2015


Ashley’s often told by staff at Youth Villages’ Girls Center for Intensive Residential Treatment that she’s worth the moon and the stars, and no one has the right to treat her as if she’s less than that.

Youth Villages Therapist Erin Corcoran said Ashley’s beginning to believe it.

Ashley, 12, was referred to Youth Villages through the juvenile court system. She was abused by family members and told by her mother to recant her testimony. She was also trafficked by her mother. As a result, she sought out older boys.

“She knew something was wrong,” Erin said. “She knew that this wasn’t a part of being 12 years old.”

Erin and Youth Villages staff helped Ashley first to overcome her shame and began to work on her self-confidence. She also had to learn that what happened to her wasn’t her fault.

“Ashley worked so hard to get better,” Erin said. “She was enthusiastic and always on board with what she needed to do.”

Ashley is angry at her mother, but she doesn’t hate her.

“She’s come to a very healthy place in that respect,” Erin said. “Ashley’s very smart and has reached a level of understanding of her issues that few her age would.”

Ashley discharged home with her aunt and uncle.

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