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Siblings celebrate adoption finalization

November 12, 2015

Elliott siblings

Abrianne, 8, Clifton, 7, and Breanna, 4, were born into the foster care system. Their biological mother abused drugs and neglected them. After a time in foster care, they moved back into their mother’s home but the environment had not improved.

“They were placed in three different foster homes after that,” said Jenna Fulcher-Thompson, Youth Villages adoption specialist. “The children were being defiant toward the foster parents and had high energy levels. They were difficult to handle.”

Abrianne, Clifton and Breanna had never experienced the stability of a forever family. But when Youth Villages staff found foster parents Jessica and Ken, the siblings’ home life changed for the better.

“Jessica and Ken fell in love with the children right away,” Jenna said. “They treated them as their own from the moment the kids were first placed in their home.”

As the children transitioned into their new home, Jessica and Ken were not deterred by difficult behavior. Instead, they were committed to creating a comfortable and positive environment for the siblings. With patience and support, the children’s behavior improved.

“Jessica and Ken were able to build a relationship with them,” Jenna said. “With that relationship as a foundation, the kids responded well to their care and structure.”

Adopting the three siblings was a simple decision for Jessica and Ken. Only 10 days after they signed an intent to adopt, the family was celebrating the adoption finalization with extended family and Youth Villages staff. There was a party with cake, ice cream and gifts.

“Everyone was all smiles,” Jenna said. “You could see the close bond between the children and their new family as they sat together and hugged throughout the morning.”

Jessica and Ken have always been eager to provide a loving and caring home for children. Their passion for adoption has been key to the success of Abrianne, Clifton and Breanna. Thanks to Youth Villages, Jessica and Ken, these children have found their forever family.

“Jessica and Ken have provided the love and care these children needed,” Jenna said. “It is because of their permanent home and unconditional love that Abrianne, Clifton and Breanna have made such positive changes.”

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