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Kat excels in new adoptive home

November 16, 2015

KatKat was quiet and lacked confidence when she entered Angie’s foster home. She was depressed and didn’t care about her future.

“Angie has had a very positive influence on Kat,” said Kristyn Vanderland, Kat’s Youth Villages counselor. “They formed a quick bond and have a lot in common.”

After being neglected and abused for years in her biological home, Kat craved positive attention. Angie has two older daughters who no longer live at home. With an empty house and an open heart, Angie is committed to supporting Kat.

“It is exactly what Kat needs,” said Elena Tanase, Youth Villages adoption specialist. “She receives the attention she has long deserved while also gaining supportive siblings.”

Since living with Angie, Kat’s depression has improved. She excels in school and gains more confidence each day. With their laid-back personalities and a similar sense of humor, Kat and Angie enjoy quality time together.

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“Kat has done great in her new home,” Elena said. “She couldn’t wait for the adoption.”

Kat’s adoption was celebrated with her new family and Youth Villages team. They threw a party with cake and gave Kat a special bouquet of flowers.

“Watching the change in Kat has been amazing,” Kristyn said. “She has come out of her shell and her outlook on life has changed completely.”

Kat will attend community college next fall. She hopes to pursue a master’s degree in business administration.

“Kat is resilient and dreams big,” Elena said. “With Angie’s love and support, we are confident that Kat’s dreams are within her reach.”

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