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Desmae gets new chance at life with adoptive family

November 30, 2015

DesmaeOne-year-old Desmae weighed one pound when she was born. She was abandoned at the hospital with a chronic lung disease.

“Her doctors didn’t think she would survive,” said Kristyn Vanderland, Youth Villages foster care counselor. “Jason and Kealy have been a huge part of Desmae’s recovery.”

Jason and Kealy Mead are Desmae’s adoptive parents. While Desmae spent her first five months of life in the intensive-care nursery, Jason and Kealy were at the hospital almost every day.

“It was so hard to see Desmae struggle in the hospital,” Kristyn said. “But watching Desmae look to Kealy and Jason for comfort was so special. They were family even before the adoption occurred.”

Jason and Kealy have children of their own and an adopted son with disabilities. With love and dedication, the family welcomed Desmae into their home and helped nurse her back to health.

To learn more about adoption through Youth Villages in Tennessee, visit our website at For information about adopting through foster care no matter where you live, visit

“They are remarkable people,” said Elena Tanase, Youth Villages adoption specialist. “They are fully committed to Desmae, who will most likely need extra support for the rest of her life.”

Desmae’s adoption was celebrated with grandparents, family friends and Youth Villages staff. Thanks to the selfless hearts of Jason and Kealy, Desmae has a forever family.

“It has been amazing to see Desmae’s story unfold,” Kristyn said. “With Jason and Kealy’s care and attention, she has reached milestones no one ever expected her to reach. We are so thankful.”

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