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Megan’s made a huge leap with intensive counseling and real-life skills training

December 2, 2015


Megan suffered neglect from her parents who had an extensive history of drug abuse. She once went a full year without attending school and was subject to long periods of time with no supervision.

“She lacked basic hygiene skills and simple social skills,” said Youth Villages Residential Therapist Elizabeth Parker. “She was also defiant and had a difficult time when she didn’t get what she wanted.”

In fact, Megan laughed at the judge who ordered her to residential treatment. Her defiance also manifested in physical and verbal aggression, but it was different.

“Because of her lack of social skills, her defiant threats were often out of context,” Elizabeth said. “They were taken seriously at her school and here at the Center, but we could tell that wasn’t the real Megan.”

The real Megan was scared and embarrassed. Just 14, she was the youngest girl in her group at Youth Villages. She thought she had to act tough or she would be bullied.

“Megan was introverted, but she wants to be included in things,” Elizabeth said. “The older girls in her group were kind to her and helped her along.”

Coupled with intensive counseling and real-life skills training, Megan learned how to take care of herself. Her self-confidence improved as well.

“Now she dresses nice and fixes her hair,” said Carman Mayham, courtyard supervisor at the Girls Center. “She uses her coping skills to manage her emotions when things get challenging, and she’s made a huge leap in just a short time being here.”

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