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Emily now feels safe

February 11, 2016


Emily, 11, has always had a bubbly personality. When she entered Megan and Joey’s adoptive home, she was nervous about staying with strangers, but they made her feel right at home.

“Within hours of arriving at our house, Emily came out of her shell and became the bright and happy girl she naturally is,” Megan said. “She clicked with our family immediately.”

Despite Emily’s cheerful demeanor, Megan could see the hurt in her eyes.

“Emily was so determined to make the best out of her situation,” Megan said. “She was masking a lot of hidden darkness and trauma that had not been addressed.”

Emily grew up in an abusive home. The years of neglect and sexual abuse caused extreme anxiety. In Megan and Joey’s home, she had the loving environment to begin the challenging work of coping with her past.

“Emily mentioned several times that she feels safe with Megan and Joey,” said Amanda Bowers, Youth Villages family intervention specialist. “This security is why she has made such progress emotionally.”

For the first time since leaving her biological home, Emily was willing and motivated to work through her past. Amanda taught her coping skills for her anxiety. She learned to relax and feel comfortable talking through her feelings.

“With time, love, trust and therapy, Emily’s fears and anxiety have decreased significantly,” Megan said. “After being here for more than a year, she is no longer consumed by anxiety. She is at peace.”

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